Culture Track is a research study on the ever-evolving behaviors and interests of cultural audiences nationwide. Since 2001, LaPlaca Cohen (an advertising, research, and design agency that works with cultural and creative organizations) has been cultivating Culture Track pro bono, and it has grown to become a leading resource for museums and cultural centers on the growing and changing needs of their audiences.

A unique and highly interactive Team page, allowing the LaPlaca Cohen team to inject their own personalities into the site.


Since its inception, Culture Track had existed simply as a PDF report hosted on a landing page on LaPlaca Cohen’s site. While it’s had a number of loyal fans throughout its history, the LaPlaca Cohen team felt that the way Culture Track was presented online resulted in a strictly one-sided conversation. Thus, they partnered with Radish Lab to evolve Culture Track from a fixed study to a dynamic platform that can provide ongoing solutions to the critical challenges faced by cultural organizations.


Working with LaPlaca Cohen, Radish Lab created a holistic plan for designing the new site. The main goal was to shift Culture Track’s focus from the report itself to the institutions and people it was created to help, and offer users a much more welcoming and enjoyable experience.

Radish teamed up with Kelton Global, a discovery consulting firm, to develop a questionnaire targeted towards Culture Track’s audiences. This showed us which features they would like to see in the new site, and we carefully considered each of them one by one and implemented those that made sense. Phase 1 launched in May 2017, with further development scheduled for the fall. By slowing things down, carefully strategizing, and taking a phased approach to development, Radish Lab and LaPlaca Cohen were better equipped to build a site that will meet the organization’s needs, engage their audiences, and be more easily scalable in the long term.

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